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ation for rock album of the year at the 2011 Hawaiian Recording Artist’s Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.

T.J. coined the word Spontaenium in 2008 to describe the unfolding events in his life.
In this unfolding, he recognized a universal force which acts everywhere as inspired intuition, synchronicity, and epiphany, for the purpose of elevating all living things regardless of circumstance.

T.J. met keyboardist and producer Ben Rico in Hanalei, Hawaii on his birthday 9.11.08.  Together they set in motion what was to become the musical group Spontaenium, and created their debut album by the same name which was released on 9.12.12.

is a native of Humboldt County California and has called the North Shore of Kauai home for over 20 years.

After a career in Fire and EMS services was cut short due to injury, T.J. turned to his love of music for healing and strength and soon turned it into a career in audio and media production. 

His music has appeared in recorded albums, television, and national radio. He is also well known in Kauai as the front man of the rock group Rumbletone, which received a nomin-

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