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You are the sun
I am the rain
Come into my world
Help me live again

If you shine through me
A rainbow I’d be
I’ll dance across the land
Guided by your hands

Oh your flowers are sweet
They call to me
I will caress them
Leave them glistening

Wash over your meadows
And fill your streams
Then return to my land
Of make believe

You are an island
And I am the sea
I’ll crash upon your shores
And leave you quivering

I’d gather the waves
Make them taller than trees
Shape them into blue-green translucent mountains
As an honoring

But the ocean is black
There are no trees
I’ve been shocked and saddened
Into disbelief

I feel I am blind
I cannot see
Is there no one to ease
Your suffering

In this life I was lost
But with you I am found
Take me to your temple mount
And your sacred ground

For it is with thee
That I long to be
Take me by the hand
Lead me to your promise land

I will drench your shorelines
In thick white foam
Up your rivers and valleys
I will roam

I will speak to the dewdrops
That feel so small
Change them to purple cascading

Repeat first verse

Song Story:

Here are many great love stories.  One is told of the Faerie King who comes into the world in search of his lost queen and in doing so gives solace and eases the suffering of the human race.  It is said the tears of compassion from the Faerie King flow down to the Earth in the form of rain.  His lost queen resides within the light of the moon and sun where she remains hidden while endeavoring to bring about the unification of Earth’s people.  The rainbow and moonbow appear in the sky as a result of their undying love for each other made visible for all to see; each longing for the day when they will be united in a world which has come to know no sorrow, and they may return to the Faerie Realm in peace.

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