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Oh Sabrina,
There shines a light from deep within her eyes
Reminiscent of when dawn first kissed the sky
From open hearts do kindred spirits intertwine
Recall the magic that we all feel as a child

A thousand life times of the sun
On their battle fields alone
I have stood against all foes of Sabrina
From our lovely garden home
They stole our queen from her throne
Separated, all alone, and I feel her

Oh Sabrina, I can't explain this moment of epiphany
In hypocrisy they've hidden their atrocities
Though in your eyes now dawns my (the) reality
To see our goddess once returned will be my (our) destiny

For eleven millennia maybe more
Behind their walls of stone
Children, maidens, mothers crones
They were slain there
I’ve been here each and every turn
In their fires I have been burned
My fate ever to return
And defend her

Many times I've held the body
Of a dying child
And my heart is still shattering
At how they always tried to smile
The fires of hell I've learned are just manmade
So I now proclaim love has won the day, yeah

So let's join hands across the land
Laugh and sing out loud again
That our goddess has returned
‘Cause I've just seen her
A Celtic princess once was drowned
What was lost now has been found
On Kauai's sacred ground
Stands Sabrina

Song Story:

Many scholars say that in ancient times humankind lived in peace as a matriarchal culture where the feminine was honored as the source of (deleted “a”) compassionate and nurturing leadership in the world.  But at some point things changed, and women who were once held as great leaders, intuitive and spiritual, became oppressed to make way for patriarchal societies that sought to dominate the world.  Our story unfolds in the present where there exists a person who has lived a great many lifetimes upon the Earth.  Imagine if one were truly dedicated to the honoring and protecting of people, trying again and again to combat violence and oppression with love and understanding, how long would it take to prevail defending those most vulnerable?  This story tells of just such a person who has finally come to see not only was violence and oppression against women no longer tolerated, but that he had come to recognize through the wise eyes of a young woman that Goddesses were in fact returning to the world in which they once had lived in peace. 
In Celtic mythology, Sabrina is said to be the goddess of the British River Severn.  The story is told of the young princess Sabrina who was drowned in an act of family vengeance and her spirit forever inhabits the river.

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