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“Serendipity two, this is the command center.  You’re looking good.”

Brother man you took it way too far
When you went ahead and taxed my car
That black cloud hanging over you
Is full of thunder caused by bad voodoo

You thought you took all of my precious things
But you never found that diamond ring
Cause it lies deep within my heart
All you’ve done is tear your soul apart

Oh, your time is running out
But you just can’t feel it
Oh, your soul is crying out

It’s crying out, oh
Oh, your soul is crying out
But you just can’t hear it
Is running out

Yes I
Oh, try a brand new way
Oh, yeah

(oh that was terrible, but, you know, I don’t care you see, it doesn’t mean that much to me)

“My liege, you may cease the recording process.  I have completed my mission of transmission of the spontaenium, yes.”

Song Story:

There are times when the actions of others cause one to be justifiably angry; for instance, when someone steals things precious to someone else.  Here we find a person who has endured just such an incident, and how he or she struggles to find compassion when filled with a sense of rage.  Through compassion and understanding one finds the ability to transcend a period of suffering at the hands of another, especially when it is realized the only person the offender had truly harmed was themselves.

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