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Aloha and mahalo (thank you) for visiting our music page.  Here you can listen to music from the album as well as purchase songs, and the whole album, either digitally or as a physical CD.  The joy of having a physical CD of Spontaenium is that it is filled with original artwork and photos of interesting phenomena such as a moon bow, a green flash, and atmospheric lightning called “red sprites.”  You can prop the unfolded CD nearby and enjoy a picture of a moon bow on your desk while grooving to our music, all the while making it possible for us to perform our music live around the world and create more music and experiences for listeners everywhere.

A dollar makes a difference

All the funds from purchasing our music goes to bringing about the possibility of us playing live in a town near you, as well as the production of more Spontaenium; songs, images, stories, and more!  A dollar doesn’t seem like much these days, but when you bring music into your life and share it with others, who then share it with their friends and family and so forth, those dollars really add up.
Daring to dream creates dollars, and your dollars can create miracles for us as artists.  So thank you for taking the time to listen and support our artistic endeavors.   

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