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Oh Jah…
Incarceration is bringing me down
Police men surround me now
The whole world is upside down
To Jah I am crying out loud

I’m a prisoner of my own mind
Oh the passerby is so unkind
I just want some food to eat
And a roof to shelter me
(Sorry, I’m not listening)

Rich man he no believe
To give all, not to receive
Is the secret for you and me
(To) live in peace and harmony

It’s liberation (Oh Jah)
Liberation, I’m calling to you (Oh Jah)
Liberation (Oh Jah)



To Jah I am crying out loud
I’m crying out loud (Oh Jah)
Oh Jah I’m crying out loud

Who are you to criticize me?
I and I and you are we
It’s so easy, why can’t you see?
The secret for humanity

It’s Liberation, it’s liberation
Liberation, I am calling to you
Oh Jah I am calling to you
Oh Jah oh Jah oh jah oh jah oh Jah
Oh I’m calling to you, (calling to you)

Yeah, I and I and you are we
It’s so easy can’t you see?
It’s liberation, liberation
Liberation for and I and I
And you and we, can’t you see?

Song Story:

Imagine being poor and destitute with little hope for the future.  Or perhaps, you have found yourself incarcerated, for whatever reason, and you are dealing with being overcome by a feeling of dread or impending doom.  Then there are those whom are struggling with a mental illness or depression and the loneliness and sadness that come from such mind states.
Though it may seem all is lost, one is never powerless, or truly alone.  There are those people who endeavor everyday to help those in need.  And if you dare to believe it, there is a force of love that exists in the universe that connects us all, although it cannot be seen, it can be felt.  And many a seemingly lost soul has felt strength and a sense of hope from outside of themselves that has come into their hearts when they have needed it most.  And it is in these moments when one is liberated from their suffering, if only for a moment. 

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