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The morning dove calls to whom?
The flower pedals, the leaves, the dew?
A myriad of red and blue
The rose chose yellow as her hue

Arise, arise, and take your pew
If you were called would you know what to do?
I believe the answer is up to you
Leaving love to fill your soul renewed

In great ships from afar, they took us
On high the crashing waves, they shook us
When they looked into our eyes they knew this
While on Earth, we have a purpose

The tick, tick, tack of the telegram
Crumpets, biscuits, imported jam
How could evil sweep across the land
Unchecked by the divine hand

Oh they care not for the things that grow
Or the soil and the water found there below
It is said that you reap what you sow
So up the river styx I’m forced to row

In the cargo hold the bodies fell
What a sad story I’m forced to tell
Rotting flesh there could be smelled
Courageous souls, they did rebel

We are the rebel soldiers that are first on the scene
We gotta do the fast pass with the has
to summon forth the theramedics
For in our world the goddess being scared is just not fair
For the kings of elves and faeries, not yet a prince, not yet a king
Is the chosen one fighting for African justice
Great kings they rode in silent pride
While the children of the Earth, they died
To act on this all hands were tied
On deaf ears fell the mother’s cries (repeat)

Song Story:

Here is an honoring to the African people who throughout history were taken from their homes and forced into slavery.  It is also a story of triumph in the face of great adversity, for these innocent people’s spirits, longing only to be free, could not be conquered.  Even when threatened by death for the practice, they continued to sing their spiritual songs, and play their music which had been passed along to them from their ancestors.  To this day, one can still hear their voices in the many varieties of music that are played all over the world. Although they lived in captivity, the freedom within their hearts could not be taken away.  Those who rebelled against this horrible injustice were met with overwhelming force, and their valiant efforts are not to be forgotten.  One hopes that swift healing will come to those still suffering, haunted by shadows of the past.  Soon will come a time when the children of the planet Earth will awake to a world where each person is considered equal and that the sun smiles upon us all.

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Dedicated to Prince Etienne Ketcha