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When you’ve lost your mind, you gain a hidden sight of what the future wishes. 
Not for you, but for all, come the answers to what everyone’s been missing.
Are you ready to take on this mission?  For not all, but one, can handle this position.
For clarity and vision comes with those with the vision.

Found is courage to ride high in the saddle into the setting sun in a juxtaposed position.
And that’s me. 
It’s not what you say, but how you say it.
Be a patient patient.

Intuition is the lost magic of the world.

Song Story:

Courageous are the souls willing to see the world differently and to approach life unconventionally.  Often at the risk of ridicule, there are those so unique and daringly individual they are able to open the minds of others to a reality filled with stunning beauty and complexity.  The most mundane collection of objects can form intricate works of art.  A collection of paints and several brushes serve to form a masterpiece that can last ages.  They are artists, poets, magicians, performers, and so much more; they enrich our lives.

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