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Elevate and unfold your elemental, authentic self with … SPONTAENIUM.

Island Reggae Rock Music based on Spontaenium, the 'new addition' to the periodic table of the elements.

This element, discovered by band member T.J. Wead, acts upon all living things, existing within what Jung called the "undus mundus," as a force of love supporting the quest for authentic Self. T.J. coined the word Spontaenium in 2008 to describe the unfolding events in his life. In this unfolding, he recognized a universal force which acts everywhere as inspired intuition, synchronicity, and epiphany, for the purpose of elevating all living things regardless of circumstance.

Spontaenium guides us all toward what is meant to be, and what is meant to be is the shared feeling, the expression of love, of happiness and belonging. To define the music is to limit the soul of it. It is based upon the fundamental, elemental force, which is love in the highest. Spontaenium inspired the music. Listening to the music will inspire Spontaenium in you.

Elevate and unfold your elemental, authentic self with SPONTAENIUM.
Spontaenium: Spontaenium
Spontaenium - Spontaenium
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