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Like the stars of an infinite sky
So are we honored by the women of our lives
Like the fragrant lei of Anahola
We are adorned by their beauty
Like the colors of the rainbow
Like the fragrant lei of Anahola

When the full moon rises at night
Upon the water shines an everlasting light
Like the fragrant lei of Anahola
We are transformed by their beauty
Like the colors of the moonbow
Like the fragrant lei of Anahola

Song Story:

In the town of Anahola on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, if one is fortunate enough to find their way to a secret beach, there can be seen the image of a sleeping goddess forever immortalized in the very earth, stones, and plant life in the mountainside of this truly magical place.  Along the winding road that passes through this timeless village there are many lei stands where one can find the most beautiful and fragrant lei to be found anywhere.  Lei is a Hawaiian word meaning a garland or wreath and plural form of lei is also lei.  Most are flower arrangements that form a ring to be placed on the shoulders and around the head of those who one most adores, and is traditionally given in affection to souls travelling to and from the islands.  Many of the “stands” where they can be found are simply areas where there hangs from trees beautifully crafted lei and a small box to leave something in exchange for these wonderful gifts.  Here still exists honor and trust that one will do right to honor the creator, the creation, and the spirit of these very special works of art.

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