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“Oh Amy, come over here woman”

I would crawl uphill for a thousand miles
Just to glimpse her lovely smile
And I, would hitchhike a ride out into space
Just to feel her warm embrace
And I, could swim from Hawaii to the U.S.A.
If she would come outside and play
And I, would by her a thousand diamond rings
For just a chance to hear her sing

Well Amy, she’s so fine (she’s so fine)
Amy, she could turn back the time (she could turn back the time)
Amy, she’s so kind
Amy, she could turn back the time

Oh, well it’s a hearty laughing tale to tell
Of how I fell under her spell
In flames, I was shot down from space
The moment that I saw her face

(Let me talk to you for a little while)

Repeat chorus

Oh, if you’d only let me be your man
I will stand by you until the end
I’d be a shelter in the storm for you
And I’d never let any harm befall ya, no

No, no, no, no, no, no, no
“Amy come over here child and sit down.  You know I love you so much, please don’t let anyone treat you wrong. 
That’s all I’ll ask.  Now let’s smoke a big fat chamba samba spliff.  Yes, I.  And, you know, baby it’s true.”

Song Story:

Many tales are told of women born of myth, legend, history, and mystery.  What if there exists or has existed a woman, or goddess if one prefers, that possessed such a magnificent spirit of beauty and compassion that she were capable of turning back time.  In one sense one could view the name of Amy as an acronym for “All Men’s Yearning.”  For many a person has longed to “turn back time” for any number of reasons.  But this is the story of a person who believes they have found just such a woman living right here right now amongst us, and is an homage to the ordinary person who attempts to proclaim to the most extraordinary of women what they feel in their heart.

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